ロバート ジェイコブズ 
ロバート ジェイコブズ 
Alan Jacobs Robert 


広島市立大学広島平和研究所講師  2005/10-2009/03 
広島市立大学広島平和研究所准教授  2010/04/01-2016/03/31 
広島市立大学広島平和研究所教授  2016/04/01-現在 

ミネソタ大学ミネアポリス校  1993  卒業  アメリカ 
イリノイ大学アーバナ・シャンペーン校  歴史学  修士  1995  修了  アメリカ 
イリノイ大学アーバナ・シャンペーン校  歴史学  博士  2004  修了  アメリカ 

Education: I teach three classes in Hiroshima & Peace each year. I teach a graduate course in the Faculty of International Studies. I present lectures in several other classes. Research: I conduct primary research on the history of nuclear weapon testing and on the impact of nuclear weapons on society. 


Nuclear weapons 
American history and culture 
hibakusha studies 
nuclear testing 
war and peace studies 
popular culture studies 

Impact of nuclear weapons and nuclear testing on society 

科学研究費  The Study of the Use of Information Gathered at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission to Design Plans for Radiological Warfare and for Troop Participation in Nuclear Tests in the United States  2008/04-2011/03 

Reimagining Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Nuclear humanities in the Post-Cold War  Jacobs, Robert and N.A.J. Taylor, eds.  “Introduction: On Hiroshima becoming history”1-11  Routledge Press  2018 
The unfinished bomb: Shadows and reflections  David Lowe, Cassandra Atherton, and Alyson Miller, eds.  “Hi-Roshimon: What we see when we look at Hiroshima”185-197  Lexington Books  2017 
Images of rupture in civilization between East and West: The iconography of Auschwitz and Hiroshima in Eastern European arts and media  Jacobs, Robert and Urs Heftrich, Bettina Kaibach and Karoline Thaidigsmann, eds.  “Domesticating Hiroshima: American depictions of the victims of the Hiroshima bombings in the early Cold War” 83-98  Universitätsverlag Winter  2016 
なぜ核はなくならないのかII  吉川元、水本和実編  “American fantasies about nuclear weapons remain trapped in a fictional Hiroshima”151-167  法律文化社  2016 
平和と安全保障を考える事典  広島市立大学広島平和研究所編  10-11, 151-152, 174-175, 386-387, 604-605, 648-649, 657-659  法律文化社  2016/03 

研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  “Imagining a nuclear World War Two in Europe: Preparing U.S. troops for the battlefield use of nuclear weapons”  ロバート ジェイコブズ  Estonian Yearbook of Military History  7/ 13, 166-186  2018/02 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  “The visible and the invisible when considering Northern European spent permanent spent nuclear fuel storage”  ロバート ジェイコブズ  Hiroshima Peace Research Journal  5, 13-33  2018/03 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  “The Bravo Test and the death and life of the global ecosystem in the early Anthropocene”  ロバート ジェイコブズ  Asia-Pacific Journal  13/ 29-1  2015/07/20 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  "Anthropogenic Fallout: The Bravo Test and the Death and Life of the Global Ecosystem”  Hiroshima Peace Research Journal  2, 77-96  2015 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  "Nuclear Conquistadors: Military Colonialism in Nuclear Test Site Selection during the Cold War”  Asian Journal of Peace-building  1/ 2, 157-177  2013 

口頭発表(招待・特別)  “The invisible nuclear war hidden inside of the Cold War”  Peace Studies Workshop at the University of Bradford  2018/03/08 
口頭発表(基調)  “Hiroshima in America, America in Hiroshima”  Chugoku Association of Elementary School Principles  2017/12/05 
口頭発表(基調)  “The fallout of Chicago Pile-1”  Physics Colloquia commemorating the 75th anniversary of CP-1 experiment  2017/10/26  URL 
口頭発表(招待・特別)  “The social construction of nuclear competence and disaster”  第12回学際的な社会学国際会議  2017/07/27 
口頭発表(招待・特別)  “Narrative histories of nuclear disasters: Hibakusha memories and mythologies”  2017/04/12 

Doctoral Seminar 
American cultural history 
American cultural history 

Hibakusha: Our Life to Live  2009/04-2010/03 
Imagine Peace!  2009/04-2010/03 
Nonkilling History Research Committee  2009/04-2010/03  Nonkilling History Research Committee 

International Big History Association 
Society for Social Studies of Science 
Society for the History of Technology 
Japanese American Studies Society 
Popular Culture Association 

The Second HPI Public Lecture Series in English  市民講座  2018/02-2018/02  “Discourses of nuclear competence and catastrophe” 
Presentation to the Think Global School  その他  2018/02-2018/02  "Hibakusha communities: Disasters and consequences” 
Presentation to students from Waseda University of Tokyo  その他  2018/02-2018/02  The Manhattan Project, the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the development of nuclear weapons 
英語で伝えようヒロシマセミナー  公開講座  2018/01-2018/01  “Global hibakusha: Radiation exposures around the world” 
Presentation to a delegation of senior United Nations tour guides  その他  2017/12-2017/12  “How Hiroshima was received and taught in the United States” 
Presentation to graduate students from Southern Illinois University  その他  2017/05-2017/05  “Radiation and politics” 
Presentation to graduate students from Georgetown University of Qatar  その他  2017/05-2017/05  “Radiation and food in Fukushima” 
Presentation to members of the Royal College of Defense Studies (UK)  その他  2017/05-2017/05  Why nuclear weapons have not been used in war since 1945” 
The Second HPI Public Lecture Series in English  市民講座  2017/01-2017/01  “Domesticating Hiroshima in early Cold War America” 
GSAPS program of Waseda University of Tokyo  その他  2016/08-2016/08  “Peace and the risk of nuclear weapon usage” 
Presentation to members of the Royal College of Defense Studies (UK)  その他  2016/07-2016/07  “The origins of Japan’s peace constitution” 
Hiroshima Peace Forum of the Mayors for Peace  その他  2016/07-2016/07  “Pursuing peace from the United States to Hiroshima” 
Peace Seminar of Jogakuin University  その他  2016/06-2016/06  “Nuclear test sites and military colonialism” 
“The US Presidential Election and Nuclear Policy in Historical Perspective”  市民講座  2008/11-現在 
“Nuclear War Movies and Survivors in American Culture”  市民講座  2006/06-現在